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Beyond the more well-known and celebrated contributors to the science of magnetism, such as Faraday, Maxwell, Tesla, Steinmetz, and so many others, further exemplary (and more or less underacknowledged) researchers in the fields I would like to highlight include:


Jon DePew - Jon is a brilliant magnetic engineer, inventor, and geometer and has been my greatest inspiration in the field of magnetism. He has achieved several profound feats of magnetic engineering, from the lossless sustained rotation of his magnetic gear systems (his "equilibrius grid"), to the creation of miniature orbiting loadstone solar systems in rotating magnetic fields, complete with a central illuminating sun (which he calls a "star particle"), and many others. Jon is very secretive with his sensitive ongoing work and unfortunately for the rest of us, he has not broadly shared the breadth of his physical achievements with many others at this point in time. Many of the geometry methods I employ were originally developed by him. From all I have researched over the years, Jon was the 1st to describe (in the early 2000's) the flexible function phi as the inherent value of magnetic currents and particle distribution. He advocates the importance of recognizing the fundamental triangulation at the heart of all matter, fields, and dimensionality- the "two equal and opposite magnetic vortex currents, and the neutral particles of matter." He points out the 3 things (what I call the "3 magnetic axes") which emit from each pole in x,y,z, and how these 3 positive, neutral and negative spatial curvatures fill out the field and naturally oppose one another at each pole. He has described how counter-rotating magnets pull one another in, and same-rotation magnetic spins push one another apart. He has done much to break down the geometric mapping and distribution logic of these "3 things", especially upon the "neutral particles of matter", which will speak volumes to the savvy geometer, while appearing as art to the uninitiated ;) His website is "" (it is down at this time... hopefully one day his work is resurrected and shared with others, and hopefully others can in turn give Jon the credit and acknowledgment his innovations deserve.) 

William Gilbert (1544-1603) - Gilbert is often credited as "the 1st scientist." His premier publication is titled "De Magnete"

and was perhaps the 1st truly great effort to reveal the total behavior of the magnetic field. He described the Earth as a large magnet and thus was able to study the Earth magnetic field by experimenting with large spherical loadstones which he called terrellas. He also 1st proposed the name for electricity. His work still holds up as true till this day.

Philo T. Farnsworth (1906-1971) - Philo was a prodigy inventor who was critical to the development of all electronic television. He also was the 1st to achieve inertial confinement fusion. He had multitudes of inventions beyond these. I enjoy the absolutely inspiring account of his life and inventions written by his wife titled "Distant Vision." Farnsworth was a true American hero!

Edward Leedskalnin (1877-1951) - Leedskalnin was the famous lone builder of the mysterious "Coral Castle" in Florida, which was a remarkable human feat of leverage which few may comprehend could have been possible with the basic equipment at Ed's disposal. Edward was also an early researcher of magnetic fields and wrote a book of experiments which prove magnetic effects and characteristics still barely recognized to this day. The book is titled "Magnetic Current"

Kristian Birkeland (1867-1917) - Birkland investigated the electromagnetic nature of planets and planetary fields, and their effects upon our atmosphere (such as the Aurora Borealis) by use of Terrella experiments.

Eric Roberts Laithwaite (1921-1997) - Laithwaite was an inspiring educator of electromagnetism and inventor of maglev systems. Later in his life, he was dedicated to studying gyroscopes and was a pioneer in the quest for inertial propulsion, which put him squarely at odds with the establishment he was previously a celebrated figurehead of. His final publication is titled "An Inventory in the Garden of Eden"

Howard Robert Johnson (1919-2008) - Johnson was a researcher and inventor who conducted fascinating experiments into geometric arrangements of magnets that would result in field propulsion without electric current. He also contributed to proving the dual opposing chiralities/ spatial curvatures/ spins/ vortexes that compose the magnetic field. His premier publication is titled "Secret world of Magnets"

Jeff Yee - Jeff is the researcher behind  and he has put together the most compelling compendium of physics calculations I have ever encountered, mostly by translating all major disparate standard units of measurements, physical constants, and forces into fundamental wave mechanic equations. Truly historic, I believe Jeff has opened the portal to what might just be the truest understanding of the atom and the periodic table of the elements to date. His books are "The Particles of the Universe" series.

John Nordburg - John is another researcher who explores the importance of the 3 vectors (the electric and magnetic field vectors, and their cross product "Poynting vector" as the inertial/ gravitic vector) and their resulting spherical standing waves. John distinguishes the importance of the speed of light as being the SI unit for time (set to 1 for any distance and measure all motions to it as a ratio in relation to light), which is something I absolutely support and employ in my own work. John's website is ""

 Halton Arp - (1927-2013) - Halton Arp was an American astronomer who encountered evidence that the redshift thought to be evidence of the expansion of the universe, was intrinsic to quantized new matter creation in a steady state universe. His website is ""

Albert Roy Davis and Walter Rawls - Important magnetic field researchers. Among their several contributions, they investigated the health-related aspects of polarity upon the biological mechanisms. Their premier publication is titled "The Magnetic Blueprint of Life"

Also, I highly recommend checking out the work of Josh Toms' Art who has done absolutely remarkable renderings of many of Jon DePew's principles in 3d.

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