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There have been countless researchers who have contributed to the understanding of magnetism throughout time. Please visit my Acknowledgments page where I reference several important researchers. In these works of mine considering magnetism, I seek to highlight the unique discoveries of researcher Jon DePew and to further elucidate the principles he has been sharing for over a decade.

A crucial point to his discovery is that there are 3 magnetic axes that are base fundamental to any possible energy field and harmonic construct of space's neutral particles we would call matter. These 3 (triune) energies are naturally opposed at each pole and balance at the equator. They correspond to positive, negative and neutral. The neutral aspects (think fulcrum/ axis/ equator/ path of no resistance throughout the field) and the opposing spatial curvatures that manifest as polarity may not be reduced further. This is the base triangulation necessitated by spherical unification geometry and its inherent value is the function of Phi... phi in pi. (This Phi function is explored throughout this site as it takes on endless relationships, it is not merely the 1.618 number most know it as.)

No form of vibration, rotation or movement whatsoever (whether we call it electromagnetic or mechanical) may exist without this triple relationship as its basis, nor may the concept of matter or mass, which must exist as standing wave harmonics of these fields, anchored as neutral particle distributions between "in waves" and "out waves."


It is by understanding the nature of these fields in harmony that we shall unify our sciences and speak in truth with our philosophies.

"3 things create everything."


As time allows, I will compose more articles concerning the geometric logic of magnetic fields, which will be found on my writings page. Below are some diagrams which I have put together so far.


Tetrahedron GIF
Earth Field GIF
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