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I have had the opportunity to collaborate with John Stuart Reid and his team at

John is a highly respected acoustic pioneer and inventor of the CymaScope, the world's first commercial instrument that renders sound visible.

The images that have come out of the cymascope are some of the most breathtaking works of nature's art I have ever witnessed. Having the opportunity to personally work with them has been both an enormous pleasure and learning experience for me.

Within a single frame of sound frozen in time, energy seems to unveil itself and expose both its technical perfection and its absolute beauty.

My goal was to identify and highlight nature's own geometrical resonant solutions within each frame and then find the musical ratios and the geometric/ mathematic constants where they existed within each of them. I was not disappointed.

Nature proves itself to be an ever flexible, musical work of geometric perfection. In measuring the nodes and antinodes (positive and negative features) perfectly balanced within space, I am reminded how energy cannot be created or destroyed and that through the nature of equal and opposite reactions (of anything that vibrates or defines itself in space,) all is in accordance to perpetual balance.

Please visit and explore and get the full experience of our collaboration on geometry here:
and here:

My geometric methods and understanding is largely inspired and originally informed by Jon DePew's seminal work at What he discusses on his site about magnetism also applies directly to sound wave motion and resonance field geometry. Yes, magnetic fields define the mechanical wave too! His geometric methods work seamlessly over cymatics- more proof they are accurate to the fundamentals of energy.

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