"Meaning Through Madness" emerged out of Las Vegas in 2007. They wielded a blend of technical, guitar driven metal with the intensity of melodic punk rock.

Vocals- Robbie Daymond

Lead/ Rhythm Guitar- Clay Taylor

Lead/ Rhythm Guitar- Dragisa Elez

Percussion- Tomas Routi

Bass- James Gligo


Asabove was first born in 2011 and this EP was released in 2014. The vision was to reignite the timeless progressive/ psychedelic rock styles of the 70's, with the flavors and standards of modern progressive metal.

Asabove was disbanded in 2015 along with the tragic loss of their drummer. A new album is currently in the works, in his honor.

Vocals- Christian Provensen

Guitar- Clay Taylor

Drums- Joe Barrero

Bass- Miles Tanner


Pacific Rays are a husband and wife duo... Ok, me and my lovely wife Becca!

This was both of our vocal débuts and the first track we recorded out of our

new music recording studio. This single was released in November of 2014.

Vocals- Rebecca Taylor

Guitar and vocals- Clay Taylor

Percussion- Kynwyn Sterling

Bass- Miles Tanner