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This is a hand cast Icosahedron bismuth Geode. It is .9 pounds and 3.75 inches in diameter. This one has stunning spectrum of colors from yellow green, to blue to purple and the exterior shines like vivid gold. I apply several energetic principles to the casting technique to custom manage the crystallization process of the metal. Very powerful piece!

Bismuth Icosahedron Geode- "Crystal"

  • Bismuth is an absolutely remarkable element that has several properties that sets it apart form all other elements. First off, it is the most diamagnetic element in the periodic table. This means that it induces a magnetic field at 180 degrees- meaning it produces a field force that opposes any applied magnetic field. Because of this diamagnetic property for instance, bismuth can be used to levitate magnets in mid air without applying power!

    Bismuth also has the longest half life of any element, measured at 1.9×10^19 years! It is a very heavy element, it is literally very heavy in your hand for its size. With an atomic weight of 209.9 all other elements beyond it are radioactive, yet Bismuth is 100% non toxic and perfectly safe for humans. In fact, I find it to provide a very pleasant and extremely inspiring energy.


    The remarkable fractal crystallization patterns inside the bismuth happen naturally and I have found some ways to apply some energetic principles to guide this process. The beautiful full spectrum of colors that can be seen on the metal happen naturally as bismuth oxidizes, resulting in a brilliant rainbow display of fractal crystals!

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