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This is a thick and heavy Icosahedron, cast of pure bismuth. It is 1.3 lbs (20 oz's) and is 4 inches in diameter. Inside are thick rectangular fractal patterns of aquamarine and blue which reminded me of the beautiful blue cenote's (underground lakes) that I encountered on my recent trip to Mexico.

Icosahedron Bismuth Geode- "Cenote"

  • Bismuth is an absolutely remarkable element that has several properties that sets it apart from all other elements:


    -First off, it is the most “diamagnetic” element in the periodic table. This means that it induces a magnetic field at 180 degrees- meaning it resists and pushes away magnetic fields. Because of this diamagnetic property for instance, bismuth can be used to levitate magnets in midair without applying electricity! (Google Bismuth levitation… really cool!)

    -Bismuth also has the longest half-life of any element, measured at 1.9×10^19 years! This literally means it is the most stable element in the universe. For instance, if 100 grams of bismuth had been present at the beginning of the universe 14 billion years ago, about 99.9999999 grams of it would still be around today.


    -It is one of the 5 elements which expand when they freeze.


    -It is also a very heavy element; it is literally strangely heavy in your hand for its size. With an atomic weight of 209.9, all other elements beyond it are radioactive, yet Bismuth is 100% non-toxic and perfectly safe for humans.


    -Most importantly, I find it to have a highly beneficial and inspiring spiritual energy to it. It clears the air of unwanted energy so to speak. I have it in rooms where I want to reduce and push away harmful electromagnetic radiation. It seems to do this to sadness and anger and other negative emotions as well. Due to its natural properties, bismuth is the best element that can conceivably have this ability.

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